1 Integral Equations, Lift and Drag Project assignment 1 out
2 Kinematics, Stress-strain, and Navier-Stokes Equations

Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel Tests

Aerodynamic Design of BWB - Lecture by Bob Liebeck, The Boeing Company
Homework 1 due
3 2-D Potential Flow Homework 2 due

Project assignment 1 due
4 2-D Panel Methods Homework 3 due

Project assignment 2 out
5 Thin Airfoil Theory and Vortex Lattice Methods Homework 4 due

Project assignment 2 due
6 Lifting Line and High Aspect Ratio Wings Homework 5 due

Project assignment 3 out
7 Compressibility and Quasi 1D Flow Take-home written exam 1 out

Project assignment 3 due
8 Oblique Shock Waves and Expansion Fans

Mid-term Oral Exams
Take-home written exam 1 due
9 Navier-Stokes Equations Homework 6 due

Project assignment 4 out
10 Boundary Layers: Laminar Homework 7 due

Project assignment 4 due

Project design teams announced
11 Boundary Layers: Laminar (cont.) and Separation Homework 8 due
12 Boundary Layers: Transition and Turbulence Homework 9 due
13 Boundary Layers: Turbulent Flow Modeling Project design report due

Take-home written exam 2 out
14 Airfoil Design Take-home written exam 2 due
15 Final Topics and Summary
16 Oral Exams