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All assignments below are due in the week in which they are listed.

2 Kinematics, Stress-strain, and Navier-Stokes Equations

Wright Brothers Wind Tunnel Tests

Aerodynamic Design of BWB - Lecture by Bob Liebeck, The Boeing Company
Homework 1 (PDF)
3 2-D Potential Flow Homework 2 (PDF)
4 2-D Panel Methods Homework 3 (PDF)
5 Thin Airfoil Theory and Vortex Lattice Methods Homework 4 (PDF)
6 Lifting Line and High Aspect Ratio Wings Homework 5 (PDF)
9 Navier-Stokes Equations Homework 6 (PDF)
10 Boundary Layers: Laminar Homework 7 (PDF)

2004 Homework 7 (PDF)

2004 Homework 7 Solutions (PDF)#
11 Boundary Layers: Laminar (cont.) and Separation Homework 8 (PDF)
12 Boundary Layers: Transition and Turbulence Homework 9 (PDF)