Lecture Notes

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Curvilinear Motion

Cartesian Coordinates
3 Equations of Motion in Cartesian Coordinates (2DOF Aircraft Model) (PDF)
4 Intrinsic Coordinates (PDF)
5 Other Coordinate Systems (PDF)
6 Equations of Motion: Application Examples (PDF)
7 Work and Energy (PDF)
8 Conservative Forces

Potential Energy
9 Linear Impulse and Momentum (PDF)
10 Angular Impulse and Momentum (PDF)
11 Relative Motion Translating Axes (PDF)
12 Relative Motion Rotating/Translating Axes (PDF)
13 Newton's Second Law for Non-Inertial Observers

Inertial Forces
14 Accelerometers

Newtonian Relativity
15 Gravitational Attraction

The Earth as a Non-Inertial Reference Frame
16 2D Rigid Body Kinematics (PDF)
17 Conservation Laws for Systems of Particles (PDF)
18 2D Rigid Body Dynamics: Equations of Motion (PDF)
19 2D Rigid Body Dynamics: Work and Energy (PDF)
Quiz 1
20 2D Rigid Body Dynamics: Impulse and Momentum (PDF)
21 Pendulums (PDF)
22 3D Rigid Body Kinematics (PDF)
23 3D Rigid Body Dynamics: Inertia Tensor (PDF - 1.2 MB)
24 3D Rigid Body Dynamics: Equations of Motion (PDF - 1.1 MB)
25 Gyroscopic Motion (PDF)
26 Torque-Free Motion

Spin Stabilization
27 Variable Mass Systems: The Rocket Equation (PDF)
28 Central Force Motion

Keppler's Laws
29 Orbits (PDF)
30 Orbit Transfer (PDF)
31 Vibration

Spring Mass Systems
32 Forced Vibration

33 Coupled Oscillators

Normal Modes
34 Introduction to Wave Propagation (PDF - 2.1 MB)
Quiz 2